Below you'll find some of the most frequently asked health questions about Coca-Cola:

1. Do Coca‑Cola’s drinks contribute to obesity?

2. How is Coca-Cola encouraging active, healthy lifestyles through its sponsorship of sport?

3. How many calories are there in a 330ml can of Diet Coke?

4. What are RIs?

5. How many calories are there in a 330ml can of Coca‑Cola?

6. Are Coca‑Cola products bad for children?

7. Is Coca‑Cola bad for your teeth?

8. Do sparkling drinks like Coca‑Cola and Diet Coke cause cellulite?

9. Can I drink Coca‑Cola drinks if I have diabetes?

10. Does drinking caffeinated or sparkling Coca‑Cola drinks weaken my bones or cause osteoporosis?

11. Can I drink Coca‑Cola when pregnant?

12. What is metabolic syndrome? I’ve heard that people can get it from drinking diet sparkling drinks. Is this true?

13. Are Coca‑Cola drinks suitable for people with Phenylketonuria (PKU)?

14. I’ve heard that sugar is addictive. Does this mean I could become addicted to soft drinks like Coca‑Cola?

15. Do caffeinated drinks like Coca‑Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero count towards my recommended daily water intake?

16. Do Coca‑Cola soft drinks contain artificial colours?

17. Is the caffeine in drinks like Coca‑Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero addictive?

18. Is there a recommended daily limit suggested for caffeine, or a limit on how many caffeinated drinks I should have in one day?

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