Below you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions about rumours relating to Coca-Cola:

1. Can Coca‑Cola be used as a household cleaner?

2. Was Coca‑Cola originally green in colour?

3. Is it true that Santa traditionally wears red because of Coca‑Cola?

4. Is it true that if you leave a tooth/piece of meat/2p coin in a glass of Coca‑Cola overnight it will totally dissolve?

5. I recently got an email / text message from Coca‑Cola saying I had won a lot of money. Is this a scam?

6. Is Coca‑Cola good for using as a suntan lotion? It is often used like this in Brazil.

7. Has the secret formula for Coca-Cola been revealed?

8. Coca‑Cola myths in the Middle East

9. Does Coca‑Cola promote any particular religion?

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