Why do some drinks like Diet Coke and Fanta Zero have calories when they’re labelled as having zero calories?

Because a drink which has 4 calories per 100ml or less is defined by the European Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation as “calorie-free” or “zero calorie”. Given that it’s recommended an average adult should consume no more than 2,000 calories per day, the 10 calories in a 330ml can of Fanta Orange Zero is so low as to be negligible.  Find out the ingredients and nutritional information for all our drinks.

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Virtual Reality Check: Its Future Surrounds Us

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Virtual Reality filmmaker Chris Milk wants to ease you out of your world and into his. Or, at least, into someone else’s.  Milk’s film Clouds Over Sidra, a collaboration with United Nations senior advisor Gabo Arora in partnership with the UN, guides viewers through a day in the life of a 12-year-old Syrian refugee in Jordan. The perspective of the film’s protagonist, Sidra, is both visceral and heartbreaking. Since premiering at the UN’s

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Which Coca-Cola drinks don’t contain any added sugar?

It’s a long list… Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar Diet Coke Caffeine Free Diet Coke Fanta Orange Zero Sprite Zero Schweppes Slimline Indian Tonic Water Schweppes Slimline Lemonade Schweppes Soda Water Kia-Ora Orange No Added Sugar Orange Kia-Ora Orange No Added Sugar Orange Double Concentrate Kia-Ora No Added Sugar Mixed Fruit Kia-Ora No Added Sugar Pear & Blackcurrant Kia-Ora No Added Sugar Pear & Blackcurrant Double Concentrate Powerade Zero All

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