FIFA World Cup

How is Coca-Cola encouraging active, healthy lifestyles through its sponsorship of sport?

There are a number of ways we're getting people active and encouraging active, healthy lifestyles through sport across Ireland. With the Coca-Cola Thank You Fund we grant €125,000 annually to community-based sports and activity programmes. We have also helped expand public bike-sharing schemes across the country withCoca-Cola Zero Bikes. Our investment doubled the number of stations in Dublin, and introduced new schemes

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Playing ball with the FIFA World Cup™ since 1978

  We first sponsored the FIFA World Cup™ in 1978, but our passion for the game kicked off long before that. Follow the timeline and replay some of the key moments from the biggest competition on the planet. 1950: FIFA World Cup™ Brazil We advertise at the FIFA World Cup™ for the first time. Check out some of the ads below! 1966: FIFA World Cup™ England The inventors of football are crowned world champions on home soil – thanks to striker Geoff

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Our story 1990-1999: new drinks, new characters

History of Coca-Cola 1990-1999: New drinks, new characters The 1990s were a time of continued growth, and the company’s long association with sports was strengthened with ongoing support of the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup™ football, Rugby World Cup and the National Basketball Association. The popular Always Coca-Cola advertising campaign was launched in 1993, and the world met the lovable Coca-Cola Polar Bear for the first time. New markets opened

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Our story 2000 to now: living positively 128 years on

History of Coca-Cola 2000 to now: Living positively 128 years on The first decade of the new millennium brought with it an increase in Coca-Cola’s efforts to create a sustainable framework for the future. In 2009, the company launched Live Positively – a public commitment to making a positive difference in the world by redesigning the way we work and live so that sustainability is part of everything we do. Live Positively includes goals for providing

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