As a responsible global corporate citizen, we continue our journey to be a more helpful and effective partner. In late 2015, we committed to posting all of our funding for well-being scientific research and partnerships, going back to 2010. We committed to updating this list in the United States every six months, and this is our fourth disclosure. If you are a regular visitor to Coca-Cola Journey, you may have noticed that we have fewer items on our disclosure list in each reporting period. This decline is due in part to the application of new guiding principles at our company for how we will provide financial support for Well-Being Scientific Research.  

Beginning in February 2016, we began to implement these guidelines to better help define our engagement in these areas. The application of these new guidelines across our organization is on-going.

Here are those general principles:

Well-Being Scientific Research and Third Party Engagement

The Company (meaning The Coca-Cola Company and or/its branches and subsidiaries including The Coca-Cola Foundation) will not, either directly or through a third party (such as a trade association) provide all of the funding for well-being scientific research. We will instead provide financial support for such research only if a non-Coca-Cola entity bears at least 50% of the research costs. It also will not pay third parties any compensation or incentives, or reimburse their travel costs, to increase awareness of well-being scientific research. In addition, it will not be the sole provider of funding for programs that engage the health professional community.

The company will sunset any funding of company-owned or branded health and wellness platforms that promote well-being. It will also sunset and discontinue support for the Beverage Institute of Health & Wellness as well as its support for Active Healthy Living programs globally.

Nutrition Labeling and Nutrition Information

The  Company provides nutrition information on its packages in line with national regulatory requirements. Where regulations do not exist, nutrition information is provided in line with the Codex Alimentarius Guidelines on Nutrition Labeling (CAC/GL 2-1985). In addition, calorie information (expressed as calories, kilocalories, or kilojoules) is provided on the front of our packages, with the exception of returnable or refillable proprietary and multipurpose bottles (glass and plastic) with permanent printed labels; and unflavored and unsweetened still or sparkling bottled water, including mineral water. If nutrition labeling is not on the package, it must be provided by alternate means such as a posting on the Company website. Nearly all markets provided front-of-package (FOP) energy (calorie) information following our global requirements on nutrition labeling in place during the 2016 reporting year.