"If you had unfettered access to the whole Coca-Cola Company, where would you start?" This is the question I asked a journalist friend a few months ago, as we were ramping up our efforts to set up Coca-Cola Journey in Ireland and several other European countries. His answer was "Where do I start?"

I have always been fascinated by what happens behind the curtains of large companies. For every seemingly mundane or boring corporation, which you may not think twice about when you see their logo on a supermarket shelf, there are hundreds of untold stories of achievement, failure, innovation and thousands of characters on stage on any given day. The Coca-Cola Company is everything but mundane or boring; it is a company packed with history and stories in spade and Coca-Cola Journey is the window through which we get to share those stories with our readers.

Launched in 2012 in Atlanta, Coca-Cola Journey has since been adapted across the world in 8 countries, from Morocco to Ukraine, from Japan to Spain, and most recently, Great Britain. It was high time for Coca-Cola Ireland to adopt Journey as well, with a local flavour, and invite our readers along for the ride. Whether you are a parent looking for information about our products, a fan of our drinks curious about Coke's lore and memorabilia or simply wondering what we could possibly write day in day out about our curvaceous bottle, you'll see there is much more to Coca-Cola than you probably ever imagined. Our hope is for these stories to bring a smile to your face and leave you better informed about our drinks and company. We also hope you'll occasionally share these stories, in the same way you enjoy sharing a Coke with friends.

Now, we understand you may not have time to browse through the entire site. Perhaps you simply want an answer to a very specific question: we get a lot of those and we try to answer all of them in a timely manner. We have even set up a team for this very purpose, so feel free to head straight for the FAQ section of our site to find the answer you are looking for, or to ask your very own question. You can ask us anything, except the secret Coke formula of course...

As with the launch of any new online publication, there will be bugs, trial and error, brilliant and not so brilliant articles about The Coca-Cola Company, our employees, our products, and everything we'd like to share with you (and you'd like us to share with you). Rapid evolution and innovations in the way content is shared and consumed across the social web will also provide us with opportunities to experiment with new formats and ideas. We expect this to be a fascinating journey indeed, and, for us, this is where it starts.