Our commitment to respecting human rights is fundamental to our 2020 Vision and our ability to operate a successful global enterprise.

At The Coca-Cola Company, respect for human and workplace rights is engrained in our culture and guides our interactions with bottling partners, suppliers, customers, consumers, employees and the communities we serve.  Our Human Rights Policy, along with our Supplier Guiding Principles, establishes a foundation for managing our business around the world in accordance with our commitment to respect human rights. 

In 2011, The Coca-Cola Company formally endorsed the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, adopted by UN Human Rights Council in 2011. We have and continue to implement all three of the components that must be put in place in a corporate context under the Principles:

  • A policy commitment to meet the responsibility to respect human rights;
  • A due diligence process to identify, prevent, mitigate and be accountable for human rights abuses; and
  • Processes to enable the remediation of any adverse human rights impacts the Company causes or to which it contributes.

This framework is a key touchstone for our policies and programs related to workplace and human rights.  We expect our Company, bottling partners and suppliers to avoid causing, or contributing to, adverse human rights impacts as a result of business actions. Furthermore, our Company, bottling partners and suppliers are responsible for preventing or mitigating adverse human rights impacts directly linked to their operations, products or services by their business relationships.

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