Keeping our employees healthy and happy is part of Coca-Cola’s ethos. At Coca-Cola Ireland, we make it a priority to treat our people well, help them develop and give them a rewarding working life. To us, this means creating an environment where employees can:

• Excel in their performance
• Develop skills for improvement
• Move towards their career goals.

By providing training and development programmes, on-the-job learning, coaching and feedback, we make sure that everyone who works with us has the resources they need to learn more and build their careers – and also to have some fun along the way. We want Coca-Cola to be a great place to work where people are inspired and motivated to be the best they can be.

Employee engagement
Our success depends on motivated and committed employees. We need them to feel that they play a real part in helping our business meet its goals and have an understanding of what they are. We have several different ways of measuring our employees’ level of engagement with the business and satisfaction with their working lives – such as through constructive dialogue with our employee representative groups and employee surveys.

Training and development
To attract and retain the best people, we recognise that we need to invest in their development. We take training and development very seriously. We have continuously invested over the years with the aim of strengthening this important area of business performance, placing emphasis on employee development plans, internal talent management, leadership development for managers and employee performance management.

A great place to work
We think it's important for our employees to enjoy their working life and we want to make sure that working for our business in Ireland is fulfilling, rewarding and fun. Key areas that we focus on as part of the Great Place to Work programme include summer hours and flexible working, gym membership, catered lunch, a learning allowance, a green allowance and a Cycle-to-Work scheme. Coca-Cola Ireland also offers employees the opportunity to do some volunteer work in the local community on company time. Employees work with local charities on community initiatives such as painting and decorating a homeless shelter, cooking for the families of sick children, designing and creating a community garden for older people and participating in local beach clean-ups.

Health and wellbeing
Helping our employees to lead healthy and active lifestyles is really important to us. We arrange opportunities for our staff such as memberships, a learning allowance and the chance to take part in community sport and healthy living programmes. Every year, we host Move Week at the office – a week packed with fun activities that help raise awareness around the importance of getting active and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

Pay and reward
Offering competitive pay and motivating benefits is crucial to both attracting and retaining the most talented people to drive our business forward. We consider a number of different elements, such as pension, healthcare and additional holiday, and put together a benefits package for our employees. Our rewards programmes are regularly benchmarked against a select peer group of our major competitors.

Open and inclusive
We’re committed to providing an inclusive working environment in which everyone is treated fairly. We believe that having people from different backgrounds, with different life experiences and talents is a real bonus for our business. That's why respecting and valuing the diversity of our people is central to our vision and values. It's also why our employment policies and practices have been developed to protect against discrimination and ensure equal opportunity and fair treatment for all, regardless of age, sex or ethnic background.

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