Here at Coca-Cola we’re honoured that, for over a century, we’ve been invited to be a part of your everyday lives - from your simplest routines to your most important celebrations.

We respect and support your role as a parent and caregiver and know you're best equipped to make the right dietary choices for your children. That's why Coca-Cola has had a long-standing commitment to responsible marketing for many years, and in 2010 we set out clearly what these commitments mean in practice in our global Responsible Marketing Policy.

Download the Coca-Cola Responsible Marketing Policy here.

The Responsible Marketing Policy is a set of principles that guide our entire approach to marketing and establish firm rules for what we will and won’t do. We use independent auditors to check that we're complying with the principles set out in our policy.

4 principles from our Responsible Marketing Policy

  1. CHOICE – Provide a range of beverages to support consumers in making sensible choices to suit balanced diets and active lifestyles

  2. BALANCE - Encourage sensible consumption and moderation

  3. HONESTY - Ensure honesty and transparency in all marketing and sales activity

  4. NO MARKETING TO CHILDREN - Do not market any products to children under 12

Talking to our consumers

Listening is important to us. We’ll continue to speak to our consumers and other stakeholders about responsible marketing, so we can make sure we’re always providing people with a wide range of great tasting, quality drinks.

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