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Why should I download the Coca-Cola App?

How can I download the app and create an account?


What can I win?

What are Gems and Coins?

How can I win prizes?

From when to when can I participate?

Can I get a code even though I bought a product that doesn't have a code printed on it?

Why does the app show me that my code is wrong?

How do I see if I will get a guaranteed prize ("collect and get") or if I'm participating in a raffle or instant win?

How many prizes can I win? Is there a limit?

Where can I see my prizes and how long does it take for my prize to arrive?

What do the numbers below the prizes mean? (e.g. present symbol 0/1)

Is there a limit on how many Coins and/or Gems I can get a day?

When will more prizes be added?

I mistakenly spent my coins and/or gems on a prize. Can I get them back? Or can I exchange my prize?

Your account

How I change my profile information and privacy settings?

How can I reset my password?

How can I delete my account?


My app doesn't work. What can I do?