We are committed to cutting carbon while growing our business.
An innovative Combined Heat and Power plant was recently constructed as part of our new bottling facility in Lisburn Co. Antrim which reduces our CO2 emissions by 65%. A first within the UK and Ireland, the quad generation CHP plant provides all utilities for the bottling facility - electricity, steam, chilled water and CO2.  It can also support the national grid with green electricity on demand.

We have a ‘zero waste’ packaging vision, where every element is 100 per cent recyclable. To help us move towards this goal, we've made a number of commitments: Every year we produce about 67 million of our iconic glass bottles in Ireland. You may not even have noticed the tiny changes to the shape and size of the bottle, but we've made it 20 per cent lighter. Our plastic bottles have changed too – they now weigh 22g and are 22 per cent lighter.

We've also evolved our aluminium cans – the can 'wall' has been reduced to the thickness of a human hair, making it five per cent lighter than previous designs. Our design has been adopted across the drinks industry and the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) estimates that the new can design will save 15,000 tonnes of aluminium across the EU each year, cutting CO2 emissions by about 78,000 tonnes.

Over 98 per cent of the waste generated by our partners Coca-Cola HBC in the production plant for the island of Ireland is recycled, with less than 1% per cent going to landfill.  We also encourage our consumers to recycle cans and bottles, working with Repak in the Republic of Ireland and Wastepack in Northern Ireland to fund packaging recycling. The majority of our glass bottles can be returned to us and are reused in our production process. We’re also looking at how we can increase the use of recycled material in our plastic bottle.