Managing water responsibly is the highest priority in The Coca-Cola Company's approach to environmental policy and corporate social responsibility in India.

In 2010, we achieved our goal to be a “net positive” user of groundwater and created design potential to return an equivalent amount to what we use. We accomplished this through rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation and other initiatives.

We have about 400 Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) projects in place across 20 states in India. We now have created the potential to do even more – we have the potential to return nearly 120 percent of the groundwater we use (considering a base of the amount of groundwater used in 2011).

We have been a winner of several prestigious awards on community development and corporate social responsibility. We have either been a winner or been recognized by the judges for our CSR work every year since 2008.

While we know we have more to do to continue to build a truly water sustainable business in India, we are proud of our progress to date.