Coca‑Cola first came to Northern Ireland in 1939 and to the Republic of Ireland in 1952.

In 1938 local businessman Mr Tom Robinson wrote a letter to The Coca‑Cola Company in London expressing an interest in setting up the franchise in Northern Ireland. The franchise agreement was signed with the Coca‑Cola Company on 17th April 1939. The Ulster Iced Drinks Company (UIDC) was formed in Rumford Street, off Belfast's Shankill Road. On May 3rd the first case of Coca‑Cola produced in Northern Ireland was sold at a price of four old pence per bottle.

In 1952 Coca‑Cola arrived in the Republic of Ireland, following the set up of the first bottling company; Munster Bottlers of Cork. The plant was officially opened on 9th May by the then Parliamentary Secretary, Jack Lynch, who later became An Taoiseach.

Since then Coca‑Cola has been an active part of the local communities on the island of Ireland.