The Government’s SSD Tax was introduced to make manufacturers reformulate their recipes to reduce the amount of sugar in their drinks, or to make drinks with added sugar more expensive than those without sugar. They hope this will help reduce obesity rates. We’ve continued to reformulate some of our drinks to reduce the sugar, as we have been doing for years, whilst also providing people with a choice of drinks.  

In the spirit of the tax, and as policymakers want us to do, our bottler will be passing the price of the tax onto its customers. We expect they will pass the tax on to consumers – who will in turn see a clear price differential on Coca-Cola Classic versus our zero sugar alternatives. If you want a zero-sugar cola drink, we offer Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which tastes more like Classic Coke than ever before – as well as Diet Coke.

Since 2005, we have been reformulating and reducing the sugar by at least 30% in many of our regular ‘full-sugar’ drinks like Sprite, Fanta and Lilt. This means the tax will not apply to these products. Every single one of our major drinks brands has a no-sugar version on the market too.

 Find out about some of our other popular drinks and their low or no-sugar alternatives