Keen to make your mark before you reach the big 2-5? We take a look at how others have a handle on this and give you 10 ways you can follow in their footsteps…

1. Work hard

This is the number 1 way to get noticed. At college or university, all that coursework and revision will pay off when you get the exam results you deserve.

Working hard from a young age is a great habit to pick up and is a sure-fire way to get you noticed at work, putting you on the fast-track to promotion.

2. Have the right attitude

Having a positive, can-do attitude will get you noticed. No one wants to spend time with someone who is moody and angry. If you’re upbeat and enthusiastic people will seek you out to work with.

3. Show initiative

Standing out from the crowd often means that you take action while everyone else stands back. Always take it upon yourself to find new and better ways of doing things.

4. Put effort into your appearance 

It’s about what you look like, but first impressions are hard to shake. Always:

  • stay away from clothes that are too tight, too loose or too revealing
  • keep your clothes clean and crease-free
  • try to look like you didn’t just roll out of bed!

5. Check your posture

Not only does standing up straight improve how you’re perceived by others, it also makes you appear more assertive. Sitting up straight encourages you to work more efficiently and become less tired.

6. Be unique

Don’t be afraid to be different. Getting noticed is great if you’re standing out for the right reasons.

7. Create something

If you have an idea, don’t be afraid to put it into action. Many of the most successful people in the world were under 25 when they launched some of the world’s most successful companies.

8. Have a morning exercise routine

Exercise releases happy hormones, making you happier and more productive throughout the day.

9. Get out of your comfort zone

Taking risks and trying new things is what makes us grow. Reaching new heights involves an element of risk taking.

Unless you push yourself, you’ll never know if you can rise to the challenge. And actually, failure can teach you how to be successful.

10. Start a journal

Journaling is a great way to gain better self-awareness. It’s a self-reflection process and an important way to improve your connection to your emotions and goals and keep you on track to achieving the things you want in life.

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