Oil paint. Spraypaint. Acrylics. Charcoal. Ink. Crates. Wood. Canvas. Metal.

Just a few of the many mediums and materials artists have used to bring Coca-Cola to life in their work.

Given the brand's impact on popular culture over the last 130 years, it’s no surprise that it has been a source of inspiration for artists from around the world.

Meet five talented artists who have used their distinct styles to visually interpret Coca-Cola.

Kate Brinkworth

Step into Brinkworth’s home studio just outside London to explore her artistic process: from photograph, to sketch, to paint on canvas.


Howard Finster

Inspired by a vision to “make sacred art,” this noted folk artist created more than 50,000 works, many of which portrayed the beverage he often enjoyed while painting.


Burton Morris

This Los Angeles-based artist reinterprets pop-culture icons using his message of positive energy. See how he captures Coca-Cola’s “spark” from his home studio.


Steve Penley

Penley grew up riding along in a Coca-Cola delivery truck with his grandfather. Now the Georgia artist uses vibrant colors while painting American icons, including Coca-Cola contour bottles, to capture the “feeling of comfort, optimism and hope.”


Pakpoom Siliphan

Growing up collecting Coca-Cola signs in Thailand’s countryside, Siliphan never expected his own mixed-media interpretations of Coca-Cola would one day make it into Coca-Cola’s art collection. Now, his art hangs not only at the company’s headquarters, but in galleries around the world.