So you’ve read our story about some of the benefits of getting active in the great outdoors. Now, here are five easy games that you can play for free to make the time fly by, if you’re not already soaring down the streets on our Coca-Cola Zero Bikes!


Aim of the game: strike it lucky!
What you need: a ball, ten empty bottles and a good aim!
Number of people: 2+

For this family favourite, fill empty bottles with water or sand – they’ll be your pins. The more you add, the harder they’ll be to knock over! Arrange them in a triangle and take turns to bowl and keep score. The player with the most points wins.


Aim of the game: don’t drop the ball!
What you need: a small ball, two towels and terrific teamwork
Number of people: 4+

When you’ve finished sunbathing, grab your towel and get into pairs. Between you, hold it out straight at either end and throw a lightweight ball into the middle. Toss it from towel to towel without letting it touch the ground, and award one point for each successful catch. The pair with the highest score wins.


Aim of the game: don’t get caught out!
What you need: a football and super-quick reflexes
Number of people: 6+

Here’s a new spin on a familiar game. To begin, everyone stands in a circle with their arms firmly crossed – except for one player who holds the ball in the middle.

They throw the ball to people in the circle, while shouting an order: “catch” or “don’t catch”. If they say “catch” the receiver should not catch the ball; if they say “don’t catch” the receiver should catch the ball. Get it wrong and you’re out! The last player standing wins.


Aim of the game: don’t get wet!
What you need: two buckets filled with water balloons, some outside space and a warm, sunny day (optional!)
Number of people: 8+

This is a great way to cool down on a hot summer’s day. Split into two teams and find a large, open space to use as a pitch. Mark a line on the ground that divides your pitch down the middle – jumpers or towels could be good for this. One team stands on each side of the line, each armed with a bucket of water balloons.

On ‘go!’ grab your water balloons and throw them at your opponents. If splashed, that team member is removed from the game. Remember, you can’t cross the line at any point! The team with the most players left by the end of the game wins.


Aim of the game: keep your distance!
What you need: a strong pair of legs and lots of stamina
Number of people: 10+

Great fun for a large group; this is tag with a twist! Start with two players linking arms – they become ‘the blob’ and have to tag the other players. Run around to try and dodge them! If you get tagged, you have to link arms and join ‘the blob’ too. The last player standing wins.

Got a fun, free game that’s not listed above? Tell us in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.