We’re taught to think that failing is bad, but failure is inevitable in life and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Here are 5 things you can gain from failing…

1. You’ll find out what works (and what doesn’t)

Being young is about enjoying yourself, trying new things, learning about who you are and, crucially, making mistakes. OK, so you didn’t get into your first-choice university or you failed your driving test. We can promise you that failing is not the end of the world and you’ll know what to change next time.

And making mistakes when you’re young helps to ground you for the future, so you won’t mess up when you’re running your multi-million-euro company – or at least, not as much.

2. It makes you stronger

Failure isn’t the problem, it’s how you deal with it that matters. You’ve got to get up and dust yourself off. If you fall down and stay down you’ll never learn from it, and you’ll always feel that you can’t do whatever it was that tripped you up. But making mistakes and then bouncing back proves to your subconscious that you’re resilient. And your subconscious will remember that, so the next time you’re faced with a tricky situation it will help you to face your fear of failing again and you’ll be able to carry on regardless.

Plus, some psychologists think that bouncing back from failure is more validating than if you’re shielded from failure and expect to succeed every time. Getting things wrong, messing up and trying again helps you grow as a person.

3. You’ll find out what you’re really capable of

We constantly underestimate our abilities and strengths. Pushing ourselves through failure helps us to find out what we’re really made of. You’ll be surprised at how much you can really achieve if you keep trying.

4. It teaches you what’s in your power to change

The key here is to focus on the things you can control, not the things you can’t. Failure can make you feel as if you’re out of control. Identifying the things you can control and improving on them is great, but it’s also important to recognise the variables that are out of your control.

5. Success feels so much better after failing

While failing at something is never a great feeling, finally succeeding after failing can make you feel on top of the world. Running away from failure will only make you feel worse. Tackling your failure and overcoming it will help you to believe you’re capable of anything. Your hard work will eventually pay off, and you’ll have learned much more in the long run than if you’d succeeded first time.

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