Halloween is a time that brings families together, so of course you will find Coca-Cola being served!

We have also incorporated Halloween images into our advertising for almost 90 years. Our first Halloween ad featured a family carving a pumpkin in 1926, and in the decades that have followed, we have updated the look and feel of our seasonal advertising content.

Some of the more interesting examples include carton toppers featuring takes on jack-o-lanterns. One of my favorite items is a light-up sign with a photograph of a witch in costume. I am not sure what technology was used, but the witch’s eyes seam to follow you as you move.

One of the more unusual campaign features both a pilgrim doll and a witch doll. These were part of the 1976 “Coke Adds Life” campaign. They were not branded, but came with pins featuring the advertising slogan.

Each year, we decorate our office space with the sign and the doll. It brings a bit of festivity to the Coke archives!

Take a look at these vintage Coca-Cola ads from Halloweens past: