Camogie star and former Cork Rose of Tralee, Anna Geary was on hand to help us launch Coca-Cola Zero Bikes in Cork. We caught up with her to find out how the bike scheme has been received in The Rebel County.

Have the Coca-Cola Zero Bikes been welcomed in your city?
The launch of the Coca-Cola Zero Bikes has been welcomed with open arms by the city of Cork. With 31 stations and 330 bikes to avail of, both tourists and locals alike can enjoy this facility. Before the official launch they were already being used in large numbers which shows the enthusiasm people have for this scheme.

What have friends and family said about the new arrivals?
My mother loves the outdoors and her first comment was “you cannot explore a city better than on a bicycle”. When you are cycling you see things up close and personal, you can venture off the ‘beaten track’ too and uncover places which would otherwise remain unknown to you whilst driving.

What do you think about the design of the Coca-Cola Zero Bikes?
The bikes are a modern version of an old traditional design. The black and red colours are striking and stand out. They have a useful basket on the front which will allow for a small bag to be stored. They are also equipped with back and front lights which are lit whenever the bike is in use. The saddles contain a gel-like substance for comfort which is especially great if you are out for a leisurely cycle.

Do you think they are useful resource for students/ commuters/ tourists?  Why?
From a practical point of view some houses don’t have the space to store bikes in the city but with this scheme you are never that far away from a bicycle terminal. Hopefully this scheme will see a reduction in traffic congestion too, as commuters will chose to cycle in from the outskirts of the city instead. With warmer weather ahead, how better to spend a summer's day than cycling around Cork with friends?

If a tourist asked you which local landmark they should cycle to see, what would you recommend?
I think the Cork City Gaol is a great experience. There is a small incline to get to it so you are getting some valuable exercise for the legs too in the process! There is so much to learn and see there. I found it fascinating when I went there on a work excursion last year.