Find out what happened when we brought music and mixologists to Ireland’s festival circuit…

Summer 2019 was the Summer of Schweppes in Ireland.

This year we brought our much-loved premium mixer brand to Ireland’s festival circuit. At All Together Now, the Big Grill food festival in Dublin, Taste of Dublin, and the Dublin Cheese and Wine festival, revelers were able to experience the ‘Schweppes Sessions’ – a new area serving unexpected musical mixes and daring cocktail combinations.

Get a taste of the action yourself in our wrap-up video:

The Schweppes Sessions combined the best elements of any summer festival. During the day, they gave festivalgoers a place to chill-out, unwind with friends and soak up the atmosphere between acts. With cocktails aplenty, comfy deck chairs to lounge in, and a series of talented artists playing their tunes, the ‘Schweppes Sessions’ were a major daytime hit.

By night, with our great-tasting cocktails in hand, the venues were transformed into a vibrant and upbeat venue for partygoers proving one of the places-to-be around each festival.

At our #UltimateMixer session, festivalgoers were treated to a cocktail menu that included the Ultimate G&T, Zingy Vodka Tonic, Margarita Fizz, Schweppes Light & Bright, Cucumber G&T and Whiskey & Ginger. And not forgetting the Schweppes Slinger, which brought all the refreshment, but without the alcohol.

The Schweppes Sessions offered a place to relax amid the festival hustle and bustle.

In County Waterford over the August Bank Holiday weekend, partygoers at All Together Now festival were able to sit back and enjoy musical blends from a wide range of acts: Today FM DJ, Kelly Anne Byrne, the hip hop meets jazz stylings of Five To Two, the funk/soul of Papa Rua, and more including Arman Giorgio and Cooks But We’re Chefs.

Over in Herbert Park, Dublin, at The Big Grill 2019 – the seventh edition of Europe’s largest BBQ festival – the Schweppes Sessions treated people to much of the same. Under the raging August sun and amidst the mass of BBQ smoke, the festival foodies were able to wash it all down with our innovative cocktail menu and a whole host of great live acts.

Summer may soon be over, but that doesn’t mean you can no longer sit back and relax with the great taste of Schweppes. Which of our premium mixers will you try next?