Coca-Cola Ireland has launched its Choose Happiness campaign with a new advert, ‘What Are You Waiting For’. The song in the ad was specifically written for the campaign and performed by Amsterdam-based rapper and producer HT.

It's the first advert under the new ‘one brand’ strategy that unites the Coca-Cola family and puts consumer choice at the heart of the Coca-Cola brand proposition. The ad is centred on the concept that young people are the directors of their own happiness and they can represent a new generation who instinctively choose to be happier.

For 129 years, Coca-Cola has been providing uplifting refreshment and moments of happiness. From simple moments of connection like sharing a meal together or special occasions such as Christmas, Coca-Cola has always encouraged people to see the glass half-full. With Choose Happiness, Coca-Cola is motivating people to go further: to realise that it is not only about seeing the glass half full, but to take action to fill the glass up themselves.

Aoife Nagle, Senior Brand Manager, Coca-Cola Ireland said, “Choose Happiness is an evolution of Open Happiness that will focus on celebrating choice in a way that makes consumers smile."