On the hunt for our hottest recent news? There’s an awful lot happening here at The Coca-Cola Company. So much so, in fact, that it can sometimes be hard to keep up.

That’s why, with a brand new year stretching out ahead of us, we thought there’d be no better time to guide you on a whistle-stop tour of all our latest happenings, biggest milestones, and ongoing goals.

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s afoot and where we’re headed in 2019...

1. There’s so much more to us than Coca-Cola!

First up, it’s worth mentioning – just in case you didn’t know – that 2019 for us is about so much more than just good old Coca-Cola.

Our drinks portfolio also now boasts a range of sparkling and still drinks, waters, juice and sports drinks – covering off everything from the feel-good goodness of Fuze Tea, to the totally tropical taste of Lilt, and loads more besides. Check out our Brands page for the full rundown.

2. We’ve got a reduced or no-sugar option for almost all of our drinks

We’re committed to providing our consumers a choice – whether that’s with or without sugar. Over the last couple of years, we’ve significantly invested in developing new low and no-sugar recipes, while all of our sparkling drinks already have a sugar-free option.

We’re also on a mission to continue refining our recipes with Stevia – the naturally sweet plant extract.

3. We’ve also got new dairy-free and vegan-friendly drinks on the roster

Have you tried Adez, our new dairy-free smoothie drink range? In its native land of Argentina, Adez means ‘food from seeds’, which is pretty fitting given that its three flavours – Amazing Almond, Awesome Oat and Courageous Coconut – are all 100% vegan and vegetarian friendly.

They’re refreshing, energising, and delicious. And, yes, all three of those things – almonds, oats and coconuts – are actually seeds. Who knew?

Have you tried Adez yet?

4. ...But Coca-Cola Classic isn’t going anywhere

Coca-Cola’s been around for more than 130 years now, and the red-labelled Classic will be around for a long time to come. We’ve got more reason than ever to shout about our awesome sugar-free range, but fans of our most iconic drink needn’t worry; Coca-Cola Classic is here to stay.

5. Calling all coffee lovers

2018 saw us become a real coffee contender, with the announcement that The Coca-Cola Company had agreed to buy Costa Coffee. As our CEO James Quincey said, Costa gives us “a platform with a great supply chain in coffee, a world-class roastery, a strong retail presence and a vending system.” All of which is exciting news for coffee lovers.

6. Thank You Fund hits €1 million

Since launching in 2011, the Thank You Fund has provided funding to community groups and non-profits across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Above all else, those Thank You Fund recipients must meet one key criteria: engaging and inspiring young people.

This year, the Thank You Fund will celebrate providing over €1 million in funding since its conception. We’re looking forward to hitting the €2 million mark in a few years’ time.

We’ve got big goals for 2019 and beyond 

7. ...And we’re on track to help collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one we sell by 2030

Globally, we believe we have a strong responsibility to help spread the word when it comes to best practices in recycling. It’s why we’re helping communities around the world recycle more easily – and reducing the amount of plastic in our packaging – as part of our World Without Waste programme.

The wheels are already in motion, but by 2030 we’ll be able to say that for every can or bottle we sell, there’ll be a used one collected and recycled.

8. We’ll soon welcome to class the Thrive Project’s fourth cohort

Since 2016, the Thrive Project has been giving fast-growing Irish food companies a crash-course in leadership from some of the industry’s best minds. A partnership between Coca-Cola and Enterprise Ireland, the annual six-month programme provides the tools, know-how and the confidence for business founders to make the leap from start-up to international stardom.

All eight of last year’s class of 2018 passed with flying colours. We’re now looking forward to seeing how the next cohort get on in 2019.

The Thrive Project provides the opportunity for a start-up to learn from the experience of a global brand 

9. We’ve given back over $1 billion to communities around the world

Every year since 1984, the Coca-Cola Foundation – our philanthropic arm – aims to give at least one percent of our operating income from the prior year to a raft of worthy causes in the 200 countries in which we operate.

Now in its 35th year, the Foundation has hit a huge milestone: we’ve given over $1 billion to communities around the world.

10. We’re kicking off an incredible Premier League partnership

This month marks the start of a pretty epic partnership: we’re sponsoring the Premier League for the next 3.5 years, with a host of our drinks making the squad. That means we’re gearing up to help connect fans to their favourite teams like never before, through events, giveaways, and digital promotions.

Stay tuned for lots more as the season continues.

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