Coca-Cola Ireland is a proud sponsor of one of the most successful public bike sharing schemes in the world.

We want to get the nation pedalling with Coca-Cola Zero Bikes – public bicycles that you can pick up and drop off at docking stations in cities across Ireland.

Building on our commitment to encourage physical activity in Ireland, we partnered with JCDecaux and Dublin City Council in June 2014 to support the expansion of the popular dublinbikes scheme. We are very proud that our investment enabled the scheme to double the number of docking stations and treble the number of bikes.

Rebranded Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes, the scheme has revolutionised cycling and public transport in Dublin. To date, there have been almost 8 million bike journeys on the streets of Dublin - 2.5 million journeys in the last year alone.

The scheme which has 1,500 bikes and 100 docking stations, has more than 50,000 cyclists signed up for annual membership, making it one of the most successful bike share schemes in the world.

A significant milestone was celebrated recently with the announcement that 10 million journeys have been taken on the bikes since launching in 2009, and three million of those journeys were taken in the last year, since the scheme expanded thanks to our investment. 

"Dublin city has had a world-class public bike hire scheme since 2009. The scheme has exceeded all expectations and over eight million journeys have been taken so far. Dublin City Council always envisaged that commercial partnership would play an important part in funding the scheme’s expansion and in Coca Cola Ireland, dublinbikes has found a fitting partner." Christy Burke, Dublin’s Lord Mayor

View the station map and find out how to get pedalling at

To celebrate the launch of our partnership, Dublin-based artist Fuchsia MacAree created a beautiful map highlighting where you can pick up a Coca Cola Zero dublinbike and see the sights of the city.

Did you know? A sunny Thursday, on 2 October 2014, was the busiest usage day ever with 15,441 journeys made.

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UPDATE: The Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes scheme will enable new and existing bike share members to use the service using just one smart card – their LEAP Card. While this initiative won’t allow people to pay for their Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes trips from their LEAP Card account, it will allow them to hold their registration details for both schemes on the one card, cutting back on the requirement to carry an additional card in their wallets or purses. The customer account for Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes will continue to be the source for payment for annual memberships and 3-day ticketing and for each bike trip taken which incurs a cost.