Our latest Halloween-inspired drink will have you howling for more… 

The scary season is upon us, and to mark the transition to the “darker half” of the year we’ve got a spooky new drink to tantalise your taste buds.

Introducing, Fanta Dark Orange, our Halloween-inspired take on the classic blood orange flavour! Dressed in (jet) black but bursting with citrus flavour, the limited-edition drink is our scariest Fanta yet.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

This year, to celebrate the ghoulish season, we’ve once again teamed up with renowned artist Noma Bar to give our bottles a frightening makeover. This new, twisted design features a Fanta inspired orange werewolf for that extra, wicked touch. 

A match made in heaven

Fanta fans will know that the drink is all about fun, variety, and adding a spark to any moment, which is probably why Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year. After all, who doesn’t love tasty treats, crazy costumes and spooky stories?

So much so, that Fanta and Halloween are quickly becoming as synonymous as Coca-Cola and Christmas!

As Dee Woolcott, Senior Brand Manager for Fanta Great Britain puts it: “Halloween is a huge moment in the year, and to celebrate we wanted to launch a new, fun version of Fanta that is delicious, but with a scary twist.”

Run, don’t walk!

Can’t wait to get your claws on Fanta Dark Orange? It’s available in Asda stores nationwide in 500ml plain and price-marked bottles now, and in stores nationwide from 1 October. But you’ll have to be quick, the limited-edition drink is only on shelves until Halloween (31 October).

You can find out about more about our stellar line up of fun and fruity Fanta flavours here.