Former Irish and Munster rugby player and Limerick native David Wallace helped us to launch Coca-Cola Zero Bikes in Limerick in December 2014. We asked him for some local insight on how the scheme has been received, and if he had any tips for cycling routes!

Have the Coca-Cola Zero Bikes been welcomed in your city?
Absolutely! I live in the centre of Limerick City and I can see them in use every day.  

What have friends and family said about the new arrivals?
They think they're a marvellous idea and always comment on how they look good too.

What do you think about the design of the Coca-Cola Zero Bikes?
It's great to see that Coca-Cola haven't made them just a utilitarian tool but have made them look really appealing and I'm sure that is a big factor in their popularity.  

Do you think they are useful resource for students and commuters?  
There are many schools, colleges  and business' on my doorstep so the bikes are in constant use but also there are many depot's in the proximity too which means there's always at least one or two bikes left available. Limerick is perfect too for tourists to make use of them as there's plenty to see and do in an area that's very manageable on a bike and it's relatively flat too which always helps!

If a tourist asked you which local landmark they should cycle to see, what would you recommend?
There are a few but Limerick being the home of rugby, a trip to Thomond Park is top of my list and tourists can take in the museum there too. King John's Castle and The Hunt Museum are also great stops to soak up some history.

What is your favourite cycle trip to take in Limerick? 
I love heading out to Bunratty or on the other side of the city you have the very picturesque village of Adare which again is a must visit. From there the landscape towards Ballingarry is breathtaking.