Sprite introduced their reformulated drink and new Lemon Lime Cucumber flavour to the Irish market with a bang this summer. To ramp up the refreshment factor, the brand commissioned a Sprite mural for Dublin’s city centre, supported by some cool social influencers.

Don’t like Mondays?

Known for delivering mind-blowing refreshment, Sprite commissioned a brand first: a disruptive Dublin City Centre art piece, inspiring passers-by to break the humdrum cycle of their week. Launched on 7th May, the mural was updated every weekday for two weeks with encouraging little messages – from ‘Don’t like Mondays?’ to ‘Helloooo weekend!’

Cool as a cucumber

On social media, an influencer engagement programme supported the Sprite mural launch, generating excitement around the Sprite reformulation and new Lemon Lime Cucumber flavour.

Instagrammers Jake McCabe, Niamh O’Donoghue, Aisling Chan and Nathan Adams were all chosen for their refreshing content and cool outlook on life. Celebrating Sprite over a four-week period, they each introduced the new drink and ran a competition through their social channels to find someone who fully embodies what it means to be Cool as a Cucumber.

At the campaign’s halfway point, Jake McCabe, Niamh O’Donoghue, Aisling Chan and Nathan Adams had made incredible progress:

  • Reaching a total of 100,000 followers
  • Achieving over 6,500 engagements
  • Receiving over 250 competition entries

In the final week of the campaign, our fab four are tasked with producing a tongue in cheek ‘state of the nation’ announcement. Keep an eye on their Instagram accounts to see what they think the ‘New Cool’ looks like in Ireland today.

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