The previous day in Dublin had been what is often technically referred to as a total wash-out: freezing cold, lashing rain and plenty of wind.

But when model and TV personality Vogue Williams, this year’s ambassador for Coca-Cola Ireland’s Designated Driver campaign, turned up to the launch event next to a striking vehicle – a snowball-adorned car clad in a Christmas jumper and festive Santa hat – the sun shone through the chilly winter air.

If you haven’t heard of Designated Driver before, it’s where Coca-Cola gives away free bottles of soft drinks and water at participating outlets throughout December, for those who volunteer to take friends and family home from a night out socialising, whilst abstaining from alcohol for the evening.

Back to Ms Williams, who looked gorgeous in a micro chiffon dress and towering heels, must have in particular welcomed the significantly improved conditions.

Also grateful were an amassed gaggle of construction workers. From across the banks of the Grand Canal the dozen-strong group, themselves wrapped warm in fleeces and hi-vis jackets, admired Vogue’s work as she effortlessly hopped in and out of the red Coca-Cola car.

But while the model and DJ certainly turns heads – it has to be said that the amazing vehicle itself, not to mention the 2015 campaign – furthermore demands plenty of attention.

Now in its 11th year, the most recent incarnation is even bigger and better than its predecessors – not least as it’s being bolstered by Northern Ireland comedian of the moment, Shane Todd.

Shane, naturally enough, was also present at the same attention-grabbing Dublin photocall, which took place recently.

Minister for Transport Paschal Donohoe – arguably as obliging with his smiles for the camera as Vogue herself – looked dapper in a bright green tie and a just-released 1916 commemorative pin, which was proudly attached to his suit jacket.

Excitingly, the Christmas jumper car will be furthermore making its way around Ireland. Along the way, it will be stopping with absolute heaps of gifts and treats – as doled out by surprise celebrity ambassadors – for those sticking with soft drinks so they can get behind the wheel.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for Coca-Cola Christmas car: with snowballs, snowflakes and reindeers, and topped with a lofty Santa hat, suffice to say it’s delightfully hard to miss.

Ho, ho, ho!

This year’s Designated Driver campaign is supported by An Garda Siochána and the Road Safety Authority, and backed by the Licensed Vintners Association, the Vintners Federation Of Ireland, the Restaurants Association Of Ireland, and the Irish Hotels Federation. Designated drivers can claim their free drinks by logging on to, where a full list of participating outlets across Ireland and Northern Ireland will also be available on the website.