To raise awareness of Electric Picnic’s music festival’s sustainability goals, Coca-Cola Ireland put on an incredible display of wildlife, flowers and trees made entirely from our recycled bottles! The garden even had a surprise in store for those who visited at night…

Every year since 2004, revellers have descended on Stradbally Hall in County Laois, Ireland, to enjoy a weekend of music, arts and dancing. But this year, alongside the festival organisers, we wanted attendees to leave with a little more than mud on their wellies and great memories. 

In the Coca-Cola System 100% of our bottles are recyclable

So, we teamed up with artists to create a stunning Recycled Bottle Garden in a prime festival location. Their aim was to encourage festival-goers to think about the impact of Electric Picnic on the environment and help them contribute to the industry’s pursuit of festival sustainability.

Talented artists repurposed recyclable waste collected over the weekend from designated recycling points – transforming them into decorative garden-themed items and the results were incredible.

Each element made up an enormous Electric Picnic logo – which looked even more magical at night.

See how the garden grew over the weekend

Take a look at some of their weird and wonderful creations…

Inspiration for the garden

The eco-friendly initiatives follow the release of the Show Must Go On report – the festival industry’s response to the 2015 global climate change talks in Paris – outlined the environmental impact of the industry as a whole and provided a basis for action.

Read The Show Must Go On report, 2015, Powerful Thinking

It’s well within our reach to turn our industry into an exemplar of environmental responsibility. We can make a vital and significant contribution to a future that we want our children to inherit.” -Read The Show Must Go On report, Powerful Thinking

Our Recycled Bottle Garden is just one of the ways in which the Coca-Cola system and Electric Picnic are working towards creating a sustainable festival industry. We’re committed to the Festival Vision: 2025 Pledge – which aims to brings together festivals to create a sustainable future.

Plus, it’s an often-forgotten fact that 100% of our bottles of recyclable whether you buy your drink at a festival or from your local corner shop. And we continue to work with all our partners in Ireland to boost recycling and recovery rates and increase the amount of recycled material in our bottles.

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