Find out which Halloween costume trumped all in Fanta's Scary Survey, how to get your claws on exclusive Snapchat filters, and where to go to for Ireland's most terrifying night out…

Think what you like about Donald Trump, but there's no denying the man has a distinct look. So much so, that the bouffant 'do and signature tan and red tie is likely to make him the go-to costume this Halloween. Trump walked away with an impressive 45% of the vote in Fanta's Scary Survey on this years' most popular costume choices.

Clowning about

If you dared to venture to the cinema to watch IT, or are still traumatised from watching the 1990 original starring Tim Curry, it's probably no surprise to hear that terrifying Pennywise the Clown is also scarily popular. It came in a close second to Trump with 39% of the vote in the costume category. You've been warned – the nightmarish creation from the mind of horror supremo Stephen King looks like it could be popping up at a lot of parties this weekend.

“Halloween is growing in popularity every year and our research shows people love make-up, costumes and tasty treats.”

 - Eimhear Daly, Brand Manager for Fanta in Ireland

What's in a scare?

Evidently, people aren't scared of putting in the effort to look the part. 31% of people surveyed said they consider the make-up and costumes to be the best thing about Halloween, while 28% prefer the Halloween treats and 21% look forward to the parties.

Being surrounded by people is definitely the best way to avoid being freaked out. When asked where the spookiest place on Halloween is, 51% agreed it's a graveyard, 15% said a deserted street and 9% admitted a night alone would be the worst.

Maybe they've seen 'Scream' too many times. The 1996 film's opening scene with Drew Barrymore – who's home alone when she makes the mistake of answering the phone – is one of the most memorable in horror movie history, earning 15% of the vote for most popular Halloween film. This was followed by the 1980 classic 'The Shining' (13%) and a 3rd place tie for 'The Exorcist' (1973) and 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' (1984) with 11% of the vote.

Dangerous designs

Fanta's Scary Survey celebrates the brand's biggest ever Halloween campaign. Eimhear Daly, Brand Manager for Fanta in Ireland, said: "Halloween is growing in popularity every year and our research shows people love make-up, costumes and tasty treats."

As part of this major campaign, renowned Israeli artist Noma Bar was commissioned to design a limited-edition range of fun and ghoulish graphics for Fanta's bottles and cans. Fanta Orange and Fanta Orange Zero Sugar feature a skull with orange slices for eyes, a cackling witch and Frankenstein's face, while Fanta Fruit Twist and Fanta Fruit Twist Zero sees a bat-eyed Dracula with fruit caught between his fangs.

Silly scares on Snapchat

The campaign also includes a special code for you to unlock exclusive Fanta Halloween themed extras on Snapchat. You'll be able to scare your friends with fiendishly fun and frightening filters and lenses, which change daily throughout the campaign.

"Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps amongst young adults and we're delighted to offer a variety of different filters and lenses for sharing via the platform over the Halloween period," said Eimhear Daly. "We hope Fanta drinkers get a kick out of them, and that they are able to enjoy all the other activities we are operating as part of our biggest ever Halloween."

Dare to enter

Aside from freaky Snapchat filters and designs, Fanta will transform Dublin's Dundrum Mill Pond over the Bank Holiday weekend (27th- 29th October) so it's a sea of orange.

If you're looking for an adrenaline thrill, Fanta is also sponsoring Nightmare Realm at Dublin's RDS (from 16 euros per adult.)  Get up close and personal with an array of nightmarish nasties from iconic horror movies. 'Be warned,' it notes on the website ( 'This is not your standard (boo) haunted house. This is an audience participation event in which YOU will live your own Horror Movie'. The question is: Do you dare enter the Nightmare Realm?

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