Fanta takes over Halloween with the biggest campaign to date

Fanta is about to get frightening. To celebrate Halloween Fanta is unleashing a spooktacular new marketing creative, spooky limited-edition bottles and cans, and continuing our award-winning ‘Nightmare Realm’ sponsorship at the RDS in Dublin.

The creative and campaign

Fanta’s new Halloween campaign celebrates transformation – from the limited-edition packs to the sponsored Snapchat lenses. The marketing plan includes digital and outdoor advertising as well as social spend and digital partnership with and Fanta has also teamed up with The Nightmare Realm.  The Fanta ‘Zero Escape Rooms’ will take visitors through an abandoned warehouse and get a chance to take part in some seriously spooky virtual reality!

The new designs

To mark Halloween, Fanta cans and bottles have received the ultimate fright-night makeover with bespoke ghoulish graphics from Israeli designer and illustrator Noma Bar.

Noma added his distinctive touch to Fanta with four classic Halloween characters, each of which bring to life the playful personality and flavour profile of two Fanta variants. Fanta Orange and Fanta Orange zero sugar feature a skeleton with orange slices for eyes, while Fanta Exotic Zero depict evil-eyed Dracula with fruit caught in his fangs.

Snapchat lenses and filters

All the limited-edition Fanta packs will also carry QR codes with access to exclusive Snapchat filters and lenses. Lenses include ghoulish bat, pumpkin and creepy skull transformations. The packs are available in stores across the Island of Ireland for a limited period. The Snapchat lenses and filters will be available until 11 November 2018.