More than 70% of people infected with HIV/AIDS live in Africa, and as part of our commitment to the communities we operate in, we run healthcare initiatives across the continent to help people living with the virus.

Access to medicine in Tanzania

We know about distribution, and it’s this expertise that we share with the Medical Stores Department (MSD) of Tanzania, which coordinates the delivery of medicines and HIV anti-retroviral drugs.

By working with the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and malaria we advise the MSD on route planning, scheduling and the best types of vehicle to use to reach small, faraway villages.

The Coca Cola Africa Foundation

The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation has pledged $2.5 million over three years to keep developing community HIV/AIDS programmes in Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania. We sponsor high-impact, community-focused projects across the continent. For example, we work with the African Network for Children Orphaned or at Risk (ANCHOR) to help orphans and vulnerable children receive welfare support and education.

We also work with Dance4Life, an international youth movement which attracts young people through the medium of dance, encouraging them to join the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Another programme we sponsor is called Men as Partners. It encourages men to play a constructive role in promoting gender equality and health in their families and communities.

Spreading information in China

We distributed 100,000 sets of playing cards with AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria prevention information to migrant workers in provinces where the incidence of disease is high.

A crucial point of care in Swaziland 

The Bhekinkhosi Clinic sees 1,500 patients each month. Among other illnesses, the clinic treats people with HIV which infects more adults in Swaziland than anywhere else in the world.

Supporting our employees

Coca-Cola’s unique workplace programme in Africa combines the prevention, awareness and treatment of HIV/AIDS. We give out free condoms, offer confidential voluntary counselling and provide testing for all of our employees and their families. We make anti-retroviral drugs freely available to all who need them, to help tackle the HIV/AIDS epidemic.