The Coca-Cola Company has been involved with the Olympic Games since 1928, and each year has been a blast! These are some of our favourite facts:

1936: from the boat to the boardroom

J Paul Austin, an undergrad at Harvard University, competed in the Berlin Olympic Games for the USA’s rowing team. In 1962, he became president of our company and then chairman of the board eight years later.

1952: first glimpse of a helicopter

Oslo was hosting the Olympic Winter Games, and our bottlers in Norway joined in the celebrations by giving them their first surprise encounter with a helicopter.

1968: out of this world...

At the Mexico City Olympic Games our vendors wore special backpack dispensers. Their futuristic look led to the spectators nicknaming them ‘astronauts’.

1976: horsing around

As a gift to the host country, we purchased a horse and donated it to the Canadian equestrian team for the Montreal Olympic Games.

1980: the world meets Kobot!

We introduced the world to the first figure-skating robot. Kobot was the star of a fundraising tour for the United States Olympic Committee, held in the lead-up to the Lake Placid Olympic Winter Games.

1994: a familiar face

Our Coca-Cola polar bear was the star of our advertising for the Lillehammer Winter Olympics – and became one of the world’s most popular winter sports celebrities.

2004 and 2008: around the world with the Olympic Flame

As Presenting Partner of the Olympic Torch Relay, we were involved in the first two relays to travel around the world: Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008.