Watch unlikely hero Mr Hadley prove it’s never too late to try something new as he embarks on a series of wild adventures in Coca-Cola Zero Sugar’s heart-warming new TV ad…

There’s a first time for everything

Marking a decade since the retirement home resident first hit screens, Mr Hadley – played by 84-year-old Nicolas Coster – stars in the uplifting ‘First Taste’ campaign which sees him take his very first sip of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and wonder what else he hasn’t had the chance to enjoy.

Cue ageing Mr Hadley embarking on a series of adventures, from getting a tattoo and diving into an Olympic size pool to enjoying the Pride Parade and declaring his affection for his long-lost love Alice – all while Queen’s anthemic ‘I want to break free’ spurs him on in the background.

‘This year, to continue our focus on encouraging people to try the brand, which has the same great Coke taste with no calories, we have re-developed a fantastic, heart-warming advert.’ Aedamar Howlett, Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Great Britain

The original ‘bucket list’ advert first ran in 2006 and has been refreshed with British-born American Actor Mr Coster ten years on.

What’s on your bucket list?

The new ad encourages us all to look at what we might be missing out on. Whether it’s life’s big and crazy moments, to the small delightful ones – such as trying Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. That’s why we’d like to encourage all our fans to try one of our low-sugar options.

We’re constantly evolving our no and low-calorie portfolio so we can offer reduced sugar alternatives to suit every taste. In fact, for almost all our drinks, there’s a low or no-sugar version. So next time you fancy one of our refreshing soft drinks, why not give one of our diet or zero versions a go? Who knows what it could lead to…

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