The best ideas are paired with – or, in this case, hatched in pursuit of – Coca-Cola

For best friends Joey Davis and Jordan Pratt, sharing a Coke led to an idea they assumed was a longshot: tweet at Coca-Cola every day for a year in hopes of receiving a year’s supply of the drink.

“It started out as somewhat of a joke,” Pratt said.

But from January to May 2016, the Nashville-based duo stuck to the plan, tweeting every day. Until, that is, they forgot to keep going.

“It felt overwhelming to start over after five months of tweets,” Pratt said. 

So “Mission Tweet for Free Coca-Cola” went on hiatus for the rest of that year. But the brand’s fans still wanted to score a free year of the product. Alone in the office on the second day of 2017, they decided to try again.

“We didn’t think a multibillion-dollar company would reply to a couple of punks,” Davis said with a laugh. 

“We didn’t expect anything—maybe a high-five,” Pratt added. 

But in March, a tweet from Coca-Cola provided just the recognition they needed.

“We were like, ‘Let’s make this happen,’” Pratt said. 

A whole year’s worth of tweets might sound ambitious, but the project gave them a chance to get creative, an outlet the marketing and sales gurus couldn’t turn down. They’d craft tweets about Coca-Cola for national food holidays, like National Lasagna Day. They even tweeted from across the globe, making sure they stayed on schedule when Pratt visited the United Kingdom and Davis headed to Japan. 

The two tweeted about how Coca-Cola fits into their daily lives. Davis and Pratt have shared more than a Coke—they’ve had five jobs together, even sharing an office while they worked for a baseball team, where they’d sneak into the concessions stand and sip Coke on tap. And after coworkers noted their habit of bringing 12-packs of Coke into the office, the duo became known as “the Coca-Cola guys.” 

“When I was dumped, I said I think Coke is my only solace—she left me, but Coke didn’t,” Joey joked.

So how did Coca-Cola come across these sparkling tweets?

In May 2016, the company created the Social Center, which allows brands to listen to and engage with fans in innovative ways on social media. When the team saw the duo’s posts, they tweeted a little encouragement their way and sent them Coca-Cola bottles with their names on them.

"We were definitely rooting for them,” said Kate Kundrat, social marketing manager, Coca-Cola North America Social Center. "We liked that they were best friends… it’s the perfect example of how Coca-Cola brings people together, embodying the experience of Share a Coke, but in a digital way.”

Thanks to their 365 tweets – every day of 2017 – Pratt and Davis will receive, just as they'd hoped, a year’s supply of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero Sugar or Coca-Cola Life to enjoy together and with their families and friends. They were treated to a trip to Atlanta to visit with the Coca-Cola team and tour the Coca-Cola Archives and World of Coke, and even took over an Instagram story from the @CocaCola handle.

While Davis and Pratt love the taste of the beverage, its nostalgia makes Coca-Cola their favorite brand. From getting an ICEE with his mom to going fishing with his dad, many of Pratt’s childhood memories feature Coca-Cola.

And with a year’s supply, he and Davis can not only share a Coke, but also memories of their year of tweets. 

“Once we hit January 2, 2018, it felt weird not tweeting. We missed it,” Pratt said. “At the end of the day, it’s a brand we love.”