Enjoying a chilled bottle of Coca-Cola used to be nearly impossible in Ethiopia. Narrow roads meant the big delivery trucks couldn’t reach the tiny local shops, and a lack of storage facilities meant these shops couldn’t stock large amounts of Coca-Cola drinks.

Our Micro Distribution Centres (MDCs) have changed that. They help our company secure hard-to-reach markets while creating wealth and job growth in those communities.

MDCs are Coca-Cola depots, typically located in areas where a lack of stable roads and infrastructure makes it difficult for delivery trucks to travel. The people who set up MDCs employ others in the area who then sell and distribute our drinks to retailers, often by bicycle or pushcart.

Encouraging entrepreneurship in Africa
The Micro Distribution Centres are fully owned by local entrepreneurs in Africa. They’re not run or managed by Coca-Cola; the MDCs own their franchises and work with our bottlers.

Meet two women running successful Coca-Cola depots in Tanzania

MDCs by numbers
- There are over 3,200 MDCs in Africa, employing over 19,000 people
- They generate over $950 million in annual revenue
- As we expand the model, our goal is for 50% of new MDCs to be owned by women