We know that when you buy a Coke, you expect it to be cool. That’s why keeping drinks at optimum temperature is such a big part of our business (our bottling system contains around 10 million coolers and vending machines). However, that means refrigeration is also the biggest contributor to our climate footprint, so, we’re always looking for ways we can do better.

That means improving our equipment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

So, what have we been doing?

- Firstly, we have developed smart devices for our coolers, which can actually ‘learn’ store and shopping patterns using motion detectors and switches in the door. So, the cooler adjusts its temperature before the shop opens and slips into standby mode after it closes. It doesn’t turn off – the smart technology just controls the temperature and lighting to minimise energy consumption. This helps cut energy use by an average of 25 per cent.

- Secondly, we have phased out the use of HFCs in all new equipment (and identified a natural refrigerant to replace it). In 2014, we installed our 1 millionth HFC-free cooler, preventing the emission of 5.25 million metric tons of CO2 over 10 years.

With a little help from The Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust have been helping us to make our cold drink equipment more energy efficient.

They’ve been involved with the project all the way through, conducting tests on the upgraded fridges and measuring the enhancements in energy efficiency.