We’ve pulled together some inspirational ideas for transforming your used Coca-Cola bottles into special keepsakes.

We’d love to see how you recycle yours, so share your pics on the Coca-Cola Facebook page!

1. Hanging vases
We love this idea from the Micasa website for hanging vases. They’re perfect for even the smallest of outdoor spaces.

You could also turn a used glass Coke bottle into a regular vase. Simply pop a few flowers in – and voila!

2. Beach in a bottle
Bring seaside sand art straight to your living room! Rinse out your old Share a Coke bottle and make sure it’s fully dry. Then, carefully fill it with layers of colourful sand – available from most crafts shops.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try using a pencil to push the sand into different positions as you go. Once you’ve finished, remember to tightly screw the lid back on to preserve your masterpiece.

Need some inspiration? Check out how @tinababessx made hers.

3. Piggy (bottle) bank

Keep your coins safe in a personalised money bank – we were inspired by this one on the Martha Stewart website.

4. A grand chandelier 

We did a little upcycling in our London office – check out this light feature made from glass Coke bottles.