Are you too busy to spend hours making up your face to look like a creepy Halloween critter? Can’t be bothered with laboriously stitching up an outfit or queuing at the costume shop? Want to still look amazing and impress your friends?

The answer is right here – the lazy person’s guide to easy Halloween looks…

1. Easy Unicorn

Want to be a unicorn without the hassle? Virginia Crawford, designer, dressmaker and costumier, has what you need. “Wear a white or silver outfit, hot glue a cardboard cone to a headband, safety pin on a wool tail and you're a unicorn,” she says.

2. The Lazy Zombie

Carly Hobbs, celebrity make-up artist and hairstylist, has a super easy way of creating the zombie look without tedious hours in front of the mirror.

“Use a grey contour cream or eyeshadow to create Zombi-esque cheekbones,” says Carly. “Suck in your cheeks as if you’re snacking on a wedge of lemon and then blend the colour into the hollow, outwards. Spooky and sultry all at the same time.”

3. Simple Wounds

Athena Demetriou, freelance makeup artist, suggests a spot of liquid latex and some fake blood to create revolting wounds in a jiffy.

“Add thin layers of latex to the wherever you want the wound to appear, let it dry and then pick a hole in the middle to open the wound,” says Athena. “Then, add in some bruise wheel colours and fake blood into the open part of the wound. You can use bruise colours around the edges to get rid of any white colours and smear blood on your arm and clothes.”

4. Simple and Sassy

Virginia has two fabulous ideas for an outfit that will only take you ten minutes. “To create a can-can girl wear a jumper dress and tie clean used cans to it – get it?” laughs Virginia. “Become a tuxedo penguin by wearing a tux, making a beak out of cardboard and tying elastic on the sides so it can go round your head. Bam, you’re a penguin.”

5. Ghostly Ghouls

Carly recommends grabbing bright lipstick for that scary prom queen look and then adding in pale brown eyeshadow to transform eyes into the creepy undead.

“Work a red lippy – orangey ones for warm skin tone owners and berry based hues for cooler ladies – across the lips as per usual, then wipe the back of your hand across your mouth and leave it super smudged,” says Carly.

“For ghostly eyes, create a haunted look by buffing a pale brown shadow onto the eye, working it under the lashes too and then add lots of nude or white eyeliner to the inner water line.”

6. The Effortless Witch

“This one is very easy if you have long hair,” says Virginia. “Dress plainly in a dirty white or grey dress and use make-up to make your skin super pale. Mess your hair up, pull it over your face so you can peek behind it menacingly and then hunch and move jerkily.”

There you have it, a bunch of brilliant ways to make up your face and outfit using things lying around at home and a dash of ingenuity. Nobody will know that it took you as long as making a cup of tea to look this fabulous.

This article was commissioned via NewsCred's NewsRoom and written by freelance contributor Tamsin Oxford.