Do you ever get that feeling of being ‘in the zone’? These states of peak performance are linked to intense happiness and are known as flow and peak experiences. So how can you get into the flow?

When does peak or flow happen?

States of peak or flow happen when you rise to a challenge – when a difficult task is perfectly matched to your skills. Like skiing down a mountain or playing a piano solo for the first time.

How can I have a peak and flow experience?

  1. Push yourself
    The only way to have a peak experience is to force yourself out of your comfort zone and set yourself challenges one step above your ability. You might want to choose something you’re already good at and build on it, or pick something totally new to try and really push yourself.
  2. Set yourself goals
    Knowing you’re hitting your goals is what will put you in a state of flow. But have an idea of what your goal is before you start. That way you’ll know you’ve achieved your goal. This gives you the energy to surpass it. Plus you’ll be telling your subconscious: “I can do even more than I ever thought I could”.
  3. Avoid distractions and make sure you have enough time
    Complete focus is what is going to get you “in the zone”. If your phone is going off, the TV is on in the background or your eye is on the clock, then you won’t be fully concentrating.
  4. Keep trying
    The happiness you get from a peak experience is from knowing you’ve achieved something that isn’t easy. Don’t give up! Any failure is a positive thing. It’s a chance to learn and grow.
  5. Ask for feedback
    Knowing you’re nailing it is what will get you in the “flow zone”. Often you’ll know whether you’re doing well, but sometimes it’s useful to get feedback from someone else to help you. In fact, doing activities as a group can really encourage peak and flow. You can push and support each other to make sure you’re all reaching your potential.

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