When spring springs, Coca-Cola gets thinking about ‘Easter hospitality’… or we used to, anyway. We’ve plucked some of our favourite Easter ads out of the archives.

Check out the slideshow below for print ads from the 1940s and 1950s, and a page from a 1990s calendar with a special Easter message. There’s also a 1950s carton insert – a simple bit of cardboard that was used to add a little seasonal cheer to our six-pack carry cartons.

A 1956 poster.

A 1957 print ad allowed the local bottler to list their business on the bottom of the ad.

A 1950 design done for Coca-Cola Canada that was not used by The Company.

A 1958 Carton insert that would have been placed in a 6-pack carton.

A 1997 calendar page from March.